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3 Super-Simple Ways to Power Up Your Brain

Everyone describes their teen or adult ADHD differently…

I describe mine to non-ADDers this way: “Ya know how you feel those last five minutes of the workday or your study session, where things are getting foggy and you’re just wiped out and getting declining mental returns? Well, that’s how it feels to me pretty much from the get-go, every day.”

However your ADHD feels to you, we are indeed at a distinct disadvantage in the workplace, the household and at school not only due to our impulsiveness and distractibility: a big culprit is the quick onset of the feeling of mental fatigue.

BUT…There are ways power up your brain before taking on weighty mental engagements — and even have more mental stamina overall…

…to feel less like this….

Traffic lights






…and more like this…

Strip of highway stretching towards horizon under clear blue sky.

First, Cut the Crap

No special tricks here. Just the simple fact that sugar, carbs and toxins to the ADDer are like a ball and chain to a sprinter.

Sugar and simple carbs are like crack for us – a quick burst of mental energy, then *pift*…big crash. With the only rescue being another dose of sugar or potato chips.

So cut this crap out! Watch for sugar in your snacks, check all ingredient labels for high sugar or carb counts, and switch from white to brown foods – brown rice, dark bread, yams instead of white potatoes, etc.

Next is an incredibly simple trick for powering your mind. I call it…

Venue Change

When your mind becomes worn from study or a tough task, get up and go somewhere else. To another room. To another chair at the same desk or in the same room. To your porch. To a coffee shop.

The movement gets blood and oxygen to your brain…and the brief break rests your brain muscles – plus, the new environment gives you a psychological fresh start.

Yes, you’ve run the clock a bit by the time you’re back to working, but you can get gads more mileage from your brain’s fuel tank with this simple trick.

The next trick is to…


Not all of us are physically hyperactive, but we’re all mentally hyperactive. Our wheels are constantly spinning—worrying, over-analyzing, daydreaming. Which only contributes to what’s been called, “the constant state of ADHD overwhelm.”

Indeed, worry and frustration are as fatiguing as work itself. And our inner dialogue burns precious mental fuel mostly on two things: worries about the past, and worries about the future.


So how DO we quiet our minds?

First, just be AWARE of the CONTENT that’s whizzing around in your brain.  If you actually listen to your seemingly involuntary inner dialogue — you’ll see the quantity of worry and its focus outside the present.

And here’s the funny thing about our internal dialogue: it’s NOT totally involuntary – we CAN control it, if we choose to.

And the funny thing about the past? IT’S GONE. No amount of stressing will change it. Unless we’re formulating how to avoid repeating a past mistake, we are wasting time and energy.

And ditto for the future: IT’S NOT PREDICTABLE. We stress over what’s “gonna happen” tomorrow in the parent/teacher conference or final exam, as we imagine the bad things and feelings to come. But unless we’re strategizing a SOLUTION to a foreseeable problem, we’re wasting time and energy.

SO…When you catch yourself cranking out worry and anticipation when instead you should be cranking out a report or helping the kids with their homework…Shut-Up-A-You-Mind!

…by doing nothing more than closing our eyes and quieting the inner dialogue for even a few minutes – then re-engaging your tough tasks.

When you’re able to get the crap out of your diet, make a simple change of venue or just quiet your thoughts for a few, you are calmer and less irritable – and your precious mental fuel will last a LOT longer.

Peace Be With You!


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8 Responses to “3 Super-Simple Ways to Power Up Your Brain”

By Jake Lingo - 8 June 2015 Reply

I switched to Low-Carb years ago and discovered that my mind was sharper and more aware of the here and now rather than thinking about everything else that wasn’t important.

However, I must say that the biggest game changer of all was getting a prescription to Adderall. It has changed my life (especially my work-life) in HUGE ways. I never knew how much time I was wasting until I took Adderall. I know there are a lot of individuals who are against medication but let me tell you, I’ve tried everything before hand. With the combination of figuring out ways to get by without meds and then taking meds made me the most effective I could be.

By La - 1 June 2015 Reply

What are high sugar and carb counts? I have never had to worry about my intake before.

By ADD Crusher - 7 June 2015 Reply

It’s possible that you have more of a “carb metabolism” rather than a “protein metabolism”, but this is rare among ADDers. If you’re able to consumer sugar and carbs with no mental slow-down afterword, then use them for fuel!!! -A

By Barbara - 1 June 2015 Reply

Thanks, Alan. It’s a treat to come home after a long day and get these reminder-treats. Hope you enjoy your day, too!

By ADD Crusher - 7 June 2015 Reply

It’s a treat to know it’s a treat for my readers!! TXX!

By Karla - 1 June 2015 Reply

As a night worker and with ADD it is very easy for my mind to drift. I take strattera which does seem to help but I have also become very forgetful like out of sight out of mind. It drives my husband crazy. I think I need a way to get this sad brain some power

By Shell - 31 May 2015 Reply

Hey Alan,

I am so about the coffee shop venue where I tend to be massively productive. Now on to sugar and white carbs. Thanks for the awesome reminder as I put away that chocolate mint chip Greek yogurt bar with 14 grams of sugar!!! The Relax Summit sounds amazing.

By ADD Crusher - 14 June 2015 Reply

Hi Shell!! As you probably know, that coffee shop venue trick shows the power of a “body double” — the psychological push to work efficiently ‘because others are watching’….Relax & Breathe Summit was great…a lot like yours last year! Blessings!

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