More About Alan and ADD Crusher™

How I went from overwhelmed, disorganized mess to helping thousands of ADHD teens and adults live to their potential.

Undiagnosed until I was 37, I was a mediocre student, taking 10 years to finish a 4-year degree.

During that time I was self-medicating with alcohol and drugs, hitting bottom when addiction took full control of my life.

But an audio book on mindfulness (I’m a very slow reader) taught me my first “brain hack”: How to listen to the noise in my brain, start choosing my thoughts – and even quiet my mind.

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“The actions that lead to an extraordinary life are small and easy.”

-jon butcher

This quote perfectly describes my no-BS approach. And that first brain hack (taught in ADD Crusher™) is super simple and easy, as is everything I teach in the ADD Crusher™ program.

I’ve spent the last 25 years researching and teaching the simple and easy strategies and hacks that work for our ADHD brains…

…that helped me go from that first brain hack to corporate and entrepreneurial success – and helped thousands like me to crush their ADHD – to outwit procrastination, get prioritized, beat the overwhelm, and more.

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In my ‘virtual coach’ program, I’ll teach you 10 step-by-step, evidence-based strategies toward crushing your ADHD.

The award-winning ADD Crusher™ program is the culmination of my years of struggle followed by years of self-discovery, diving into the science of ADHD, and implementation of “small and easy” strategies that yield big results.

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Productivity junky with a #1 best-seller: Zen and the Art of Productivity

Crash-prone motorcycle racer

Sloppy Flamenco guitarist

Left Brooklyn for San Diego to be with my awesome wife

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“Fear of trying something new is just the Status Quo begging you, 'Please, don’t do that!’”