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ADD Talents: Positives that Come with Attention Issues

I mentioned ADHD career counselor Wilma Fellman in an earlier blog post because her book was among the best-sellers at the ADHD Coaches Organization Conference earlier this year. In that blog, I noted that whatever ADHD coaches are reading or watching, it must be relevant for the rest of us (so, um, I also mentioned that ADD Crusher ™ Video I was among those bestsellers).

Her name came up again recently in an interview with Jeff Copper of Attention Talk Radio. They discuss how “ADD positives” or ADD talents, emerge in the attention circles, but usually not in a practical way – a way that allows us to bring the talents that may stem from attention issues to the fore of our mind, our resume, and most of all, to our plans for what to do with our lives in the world of work.

In Way 10 of ADD Crusher™ Video II, there’s a strategy called “Get Lateral”, which means to start thinking of your adult ADHD self as a “lateral thinking, creative problem-solver.” It is widely accepted that one of the primary ADD positives is creativity.

I won’t get into the nuts and bolts of the strategy here, but suffice to say, it’s one way we ADDers can identify a strength that can be marketed – albeit a very generalized one.

In fact, it’s too generalized. Wilma says we need to do a better job of identifying what you like/are good at. Not just “I like animals so I guess I’ll be a vet”. It’s what you do better than the average bear. What lights you up when you do it. An innate ability that you can polish so that you’re more marketable.

Importantly, in thinking about your unique talents, she says, “Don’t start by ruling things out – start by ruling things IN.” And for my dollar, the place to start is on the RIGHT side of our ADHD brain, where non-linear thinking is done (love the Mercedes-Benz print ad, below!). Work the ADD positives, while working on the attention struggles that make life and relationships harder.

If someone told me you could be normal or you could continue to have your adult ADD, I would take ADD. – David Neeleman (Founder of Jet Blue Airways) 

Anyway, check out Wilma’s Interview and as you listen, give some real thought to the issues she raises about how to think about your talents, your ideal place in the world, and your happiness where you are.


(…and forgive the use of a Mercedes-Benz ad as an illustration, but it does kinda nail where our talents often lie, i.e., NOT on the left side of the brain!)


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4 Responses to “ADD Talents: Positives that Come with Attention Issues”

By Judy - 3 May 2020 Reply

This is very encouraging – thanks so much for posting!

By ADD Crusher - 3 May 2020 Reply

You are so very welcome Judy! -APB

By Christina - 2 May 2020 Reply

Hi Alan,
I really appreciated the positive ADD message today. Reading it felt like putting on a pair of fuzzy slippers. Comforting and nurturing. Right now, with social isolation, I am spending more time in my apartment than I have done daily in 40 years! This is forcing me to reconsider many aspects of the my life and living space … Due to keeping busy and a lifelong habit of procrastination , my apartment does not align with my vision of an ideal home !Not easy or comfortable. However,I am able to see this time as an opportunity. That said , I welcome all the support and inspiration I can get. Thanks for that ,

By ADD Crusher - 2 May 2020 Reply

Hi Christina, and thanks for the nice note. Always delighted when something resonates with my tribe’s individual circumstance. So many of my clients are taking this opportunity to attack the clutter that is a source of shame — and also a thief of energy. Not sure if that’s part of the struggle for you, but if so, get fired up to crush it!!!! APB

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