In ADD Crusher™ Video I, Way 3, I talk about how to shut-up-a-you-mind – quieting down your brain to power it up (preview here). We ADDers need a quiet mind, which is more easily had in a quiet/clean space. Ya, peace of MIND is aided by peace of PLACE. And ADHD peace of mind is a powerful natural ADD remedy!

For ADDers, Visual Noise Equals Stress

The more stressed out we are, the more our ADHD is in charge. And we add to our stress with what we allow into our environments. Consider the sight of a cluttered desk. Or a cluttered room. The visual noise PLUS the ugly reminder of frustration and chronic non-finishing of things. Ain’t NO peace in that, my fellow tribespeople.

Creating a Place of Peace is Easy

558959_354544711258881_127053080674713_979303_79965852_nNO, you DON’T have to empty out the house. All you really need – at least to start – is ONE place of peace, where you can shut…up…your…mind. One small part of your home to de-clutter, keep visually quiet, and visit on occasion. One room or a corner of a room. Could even start with just your desk. Could even start….NOW!

Take a mental or actual tour of your entire home – whether a McMansion or studio apartment. Where might you create a place of peace? Need only clear out a space for little more than a comfy chair. Next time exhausted by mind-cluttering BS or a complex project, head there – if only for a sec. You’ll find renewed energy, if you allow your mind to…get…quiet.

Tricks for De-Cluttering

Four key tricks of the visual de-cluttering trade are…

1) If you haven’t used it in 6 months, it’s probably useless – trash or donate.

2) Get a clutter-busting buddy and give her AUTHORITY.

3) If alone, work in 20min spurts, then rest or switch tasks. Otherwise you’ll burn out.

4) If you can’t figure out what to do with stuff, cover it up or hide it in that room.

Throw something out today. Then, do the same thing tomorrow. If it has no legitimate, frequent, or strong sentimental function, throw the damn thing out. It’s liberating and eliminates stressful clutter. Stuff is usually ego-gratifying crap. “Ooh, I visited Florida/France! Check out my amazing Florida/France crap!”

Give stuff away every week. Take it down to the donation center and get a receipt to save you some money on your taxes. If you think about it, you’ll be putting useless stuff to work triple-time: saving you money, saving you space AND saving you stress.

Think about the relative mental peace you have when you are visually confronted by nothing more than a blue sky, or the surface of a lake. Make the surfaces you live with more like that. Peace, baby…yaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Here’s a bonus: A piercing perspective on “stuff”, via the late, great George Carlin. Note there are a couple S-bombs in here


Oh, and be sure to share this so you’re not the only one with a gorgeously uncluttered home!

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