5 Reasons We ADHDers MUST Love What We Do

Today’s Crusher blog is written by Shell Mendelson, MS, a career coach and counselor specializing in helping ADHDers get out of their career ruts by following their passion. With over 20 years’ experience in ADHD and career counseling and coaching, consider contacting her atshell@passiontocareer.com and at www.passiontocareer.com. As an ADHDer, you’ve probably experienced some (or many) of the … Read more

Book Review: “Unraveling ADHD” by Joyce Kubik, CMC

I’m often asked to review books. I suck at it. Because I suck at reading. Verrrrry slooooooow reader. But I picked one up that was sent my way recently, and couldn’t put the dang thing down. Joyce Kubik, ADHD coach and certified master coach, wrote Unraveling ADHD: How I Turned My Greatest Deficit into My Greatest Asset, … Read more


Hmmm. ADD vs ADHD. Why do we hear people use both — often interchangeably? ADD – which as you know, stands for attention deficit disorder – has long been the term associated with this condition that affects millions all around the world. But ADHD – which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – is now … Read more

ADD and ADHD Symptoms

Everyone – ADHDer or not – can have difficulty focusing, sitting still, or completing a complex task. But when these problems are so pronounced and frequent that they impede one’s progress in school, career, relationships, etc., then they may be symptoms of ADHD. Most often, ADHD symptoms first appear in early childhood, but symptoms can … Read more