ADHD Hyperfocus: Superpower, Curse, or Myth?

Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy ADHD hyperfocus, and the difference between hyperfocus and ‘flow.’ Many of us ADHD adults believe that hyperfocus is an ADHD superpower. That’s because we generally define it as “the ability to focus intensely on an interesting project or activity for hours at a time.”
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Emotional Dysregulation, Part 2: No-BS Solutions

How to Avoid and Reduce Intense Negative Emotional Episodes Next time you’re paralyzed by super-intense negative emotion, here’s all you have to do… Delay the time between stimulus (what freaked you out) and response (your emotion) Breathe in to the count of three; then out to the count of six. Replace
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Emotional Dysregulation, Part 1: The Pain and the Possibilities

Intense, sometimes debilitating emotions may be due to Emotional Dysregulation. Learn why this occurs and how to take back control. It's been coming up a lot in my Group Coaching sessions: Emotional dysregulation. More specifically, issues around debilitating shame, anger, frustration -- even grieving (not about lost love ones, but profound feelings
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How You Are Self-Medicating Your ADHD

I'm not just talking about self-medicating ADHD with booze and drugs... I'm talking about self-medicating our ADHD with any of a number of things we're eating, drinking, smoking, watching -- and even thinking -- that are giving us a sense of "relief" from our pain and frustration. We ADHDers tend to have
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How to Delegate Work (So YOU Can Work LESS)

How to Delegate Work? Start by Knowing The Barriers to Delegating If you're overwhelmed at work, at home, or both, there’s a really good chance you’re not delegating enough. You need to know some of the secrets of how to delegate work. Delegating is a critical survival skill in the corporate world –
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How to Meditate Without Meditating

What if you could get all the benefits of meditation...without learning how to meditate? You’ve heard about the benefits of learning how to meditate – less stress, more clarity and focus. It's a proven, powerful alternative ADHD solution. But there’s no way you could meditate regularly, right? Well, what if you didn’t have
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