As anyone who’s seen the intro to ADD Crusher™ Video I knows, I can’t read my way out of a paper bag. Slow. Painful. “What was that paragraph I just read? Oh, wow, I just read 14 paragraphs, none of which I remember. Guess I’ll go back and try to read ‘em again.”

I always want coverMany of you know the feeling, or a similar one. So when I come across a book that’s easy, maybe even fun to read, and provides some real nuts-and-bolts alternative ADD solutions, I have to share.

The book, by Lawrence/Kansas City-based based psychologist Dr. Wes Crenshaw, grounds itself in relatable case studies of his many varied clients at his family psychology practice’s two offices. Relatable stories are of course a good thing, but what Crenshaw does is make the book relatable in several other ways:

First, he sets up each chapter with an intro called, “Is This Chapter for Me?”, including a checklist of questions that help us crappy readers know, before we embark on fourteen+ paragraphs, whether that chapter is likely to be of interest to us. Makes me think that every self-help book should consider this: “Hey, this chapter’s about so-and-so. If you don’t give a doody about so-and-so, save your eyeballs and skip to the next chapter.”

Second, the doctor’s a good writer. Meaning he knows how to have fun with his prose without “jumping the shark” and losing credibility. He tries to fit a little bit of grin-inducing wordplay into most pages.

But most importantly, he shares some smart concepts and solutions for ADHD adults and teens that are memorable as they are useful, e.g.:

  • While we ADDers always want to be “somewhere else” (hence the name of the book), we must constantly remind ourselves that, “You are where you are right now and you have to make the most of it.” Indeed, the more we ignore the here-and-how, the less likely we are to create something positive out of our situation.
  • Following on the preceding point, “Somewhere Else is not always better” than Here and Now. In fact, it rarely turns out to be what we think it’ll be. And the more you’re present, the better that “next place” will be.
  • Lastly, I like his overall attitude, summed up in this quote: “This book is about doing what’s hard so life turns out better and easier in the long run.” He calls himself “a tough coach” with no apologies.

This honesty about what it takes to turn the tide on one’s ADD/ADHD struggles is refreshing. Too many products are screaming, “Try this and everything’ll be dandy”. As I say repeatedly in my videos and speaking engagements, you have to take the action, over and over, until habits are formed.

Even for the crappiest ADHD reader, this book is worth the action. Link to it here.

Crushatarianism for All,


PS – Read a book that really helped you out? Share it below. We are your peeps!

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