ADD Talents: Positives that Come with Attention Issues

I mentioned ADHD career counselor Wilma Fellman in an earlier blog post because her book was among the best-sellers at the ADHD Coaches Organization Conference earlier this year. In that blog, I noted that whatever ADHD coaches are reading or watching, it must be relevant for the rest of us (so, um, I also mentioned … Read more

5 Alternative ADHD Treatments that DON’T Come in a Bottle

In a previous blog, I shared some interesting bits on meds that I theretofore just plain didn’t know. Some of the facts hopefully flipped on a light bulb of insight for some readers, too. Now, I enter into an area where I DO know a good deal, cuz it’s been a driving force behind my … Read more

Adult ADHD and Sleep Poblems: End the Nightmare

As we head back to school and work, and supposedly get back into our routines and daily “rhythms” – there’s one routine/rhythm we adult ADHD’ers never seem able to dance to. Sleep. Research indicates that ADHD sufferers are more likely to have sleep abnormalities, a harder time getting to sleep – and a harder time … Read more

The Final 4 Things You Do Every Day That Make Your ADHD Symptoms Worse

A recent guest blog I did on Carol Gignoux’s hit on a recurring Crusher theme: things ADDers do every day – wittingly or unwittingly – that make our ADHD worse. Then, just last week, I did another on Andrea Nordstrom’s The Art of ADD blog, called Three MORE Things You’re Doing that Make Your … Read more

5 Reasons We ADHDers MUST Love What We Do

Today’s Crusher blog is written by Shell Mendelson, MS, a career coach and counselor specializing in helping ADHDers get out of their career ruts by following their passion. With over 20 years’ experience in ADHD and career counseling and coaching, consider contacting her and at As an ADHDer, you’ve probably experienced some (or many) of the … Read more

Book Review: “Unraveling ADHD” by Joyce Kubik, CMC

I’m often asked to review books. I suck at it. Because I suck at reading. Verrrrry slooooooow reader. But I picked one up that was sent my way recently, and couldn’t put the dang thing down. Joyce Kubik, ADHD coach and certified master coach, wrote Unraveling ADHD: How I Turned My Greatest Deficit into My Greatest Asset, … Read more