ADHD Medications: The Body Bone’s Connected to the Brain Bone!

On the ADD Crusher™ Facebook page, we often see flurries of questions and qualms about medical treatment for ADD. I’ve always shied away from commenting too much on such posts, because, as I say right up front in the Crusher videos, I ain’t no doctor or expert on anything other than the alternative/natural strategies that … Read more

Feed Your Brain – With the Right Diet

As we get geared up to go back to school or get back in the throes of regularly scheduled work, let’s take a moment to ponder our ADHD brain and its particular back-to-school/work needs… Heed the ADHD Diet-Brain Research…and the Rules More and more research is confirming that the ADDer has unique dietary needs that, … Read more

Motorcycle Racing as ADD Alternative Treatment

Of the 33,000+ ADD Crusher™ fans on Facebook, a disproportionate number are connected to the worlds of motorcycles and motorcycle racing. Not a majority by any means, but certainly more than their representation among the general population. As I’ll cover in a couple of posts to follow this one, it’s no coincidence, for we ADHDers … Read more

Why We’re On Facebook

When Crusher was first conceived, our digital media strategist, Neil Kirby, gave me one massive piece of advice: Why create an ADHD blog and try to drive people to it, when you can just “blog” on Facebook, and have a ready potential audience of 750,000,000 people who are just a few keystrokes away from your … Read more

Dispatch #1 from the ADHD Coaches Conference

[Originally posted in March, 2012] On Friday I presented here at the ADHD Coaches Conference in Atlanta. ACO founding member and rock-star-coach Laurie Dupar ( and I tag-teamed on “The Impact of Digital Storytelling in ADHD Coaching”. Originally conceived by Nadine Nassar, journalist at MTV-Lebanon, who was unable to make the trip to Atlanta at … Read more

Dispatch from the ADHD Coaches Conference: Untreated ADHD

ADHD is a huge problem. Duh. But did you know that it’s a huge problem for society? Consider data from our prison populations – suggesting that anywhere between 10% and 50% of those incarcerated are ADHD, compared to 4% for the general population. A Real Eye-Opener This was the topic of an eye-opening presentation at … Read more

Dispatch from ADHD Coaches Conference: ADHD Awareness

The world has a LOT to learn about ADHD. Even in the “developed” world, ADHD awareness and help are under-developed. Having been among ADHD coaches from all over the country – and the world – for an entire weekend revealed some startling gaps in ADD/ADHD awareness, attitudes and available services. There’s No ADHD Treatment Where … Read more

Dispatch from ADHD Coaches Conference: Bestselling Books & DVDs

What are ADHD coaches reading/watching lately? I figure folks with ADHD would want to know. I did – so I asked the guy running the bookstore at the ADHD Coaches Organization’s 5th Annual Conference, and here are a few he mentioned: Best-Selling ADHD Books & DVDs at the ADHD Coaches Conference Laurie Dupar’s “365 Ways … Read more

How Crusher Started (or, The Trouble with Books)

ADD Crusher™ really started the day I was diagnosed – which came well into adulthood – nearly 15 years ago. Leaving Dr. Ira Bergman’s office after being described as “a classic case”, I headed straight to the bookstore so I could dive into an understanding of and fixes for this thing called ADD. ADHD Books … Read more