The world has a LOT to learn about ADHD. Even in the “developed” world, ADHD awareness and help are under-developed. Having been among ADHD coaches from all over the country – and the world – for an entire weekend revealed some startling gaps in ADD/ADHD awareness, attitudes and available services.

There’s No ADHD Treatment Where It’s Not Seen as a Problem

There are entire nations where ADHD treatment is not taken seriously, leaving undiagnosed and untreated children and adults to suffer as we all have before our “aha”. For example…

  • Sweden, certainly one of the most advanced societies on the planet, still tends to view ADHD as either out-of-control young boys or representative of the prison population (see earlier dispatch from the conference). And there are only a handful of ADHD coaches practicing in the country.
  • Turkey is a relatively advanced country of 73 million people – yet there are all of four – four! – ADHD coaches in the entire country.

world in the eye

You Don’t Have to Leave the U.S. to Find ADHD Alternatives Lacking

Don’t know about you, but these items really surprised me…

  • There is only ONE ADHD coach in the city of Gainesville, FL – a town of 125,000 with the nation’s 6th largest university campus by enrollment.
  • Anchorage, the capital of Alaska with nearly 300,000 people, has no local CHADD chapter (yet).

Hope for More Choices

As an advocate for ADD adults, Crusher is hopeful that as the ADHD Coaches Association continues to expand its membership and its presence – fueled in part by more grads from the ADD Coaches Academy and other training institutions – there will be plenty of resources and better understanding to go around.


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Stop Making Your Adult ADHD Worse

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