What are ADHD coaches reading/watching lately? I figure folks with ADHD would want to know. I did – so I asked the guy running the bookstore at the ADHD Coaches Organization’s 5th Annual Conference, and here are a few he mentioned:

Best-Selling ADHD Books & DVDs at the ADHD Coaches Conference

  • Laurie Dupar’s “365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD”, a new book containing 365 tips, strategies and solutions for succeeding with ADHD.
  • Wilma Fellman’s “Finding a Career that Works for You” – now in its second edition.
  • “ADHD Stole My Car Keys”, the book from the guys who brought us the breakthrough documentary, “ADD and Loving It?!”
  • “Permission to Proceed”, the new book from David Giwerc, president and founder of the ADD Coaches Academy. A very enjoyable and enlightening read, by the way.
  • And last but not least…ADD Crusher™ Video I. That’s right – one of the top selling items at the conference was Crusher’s own game-changing video…

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What’s More Fun Than a Barrel of ADHD Coaches?

Not much. An ADHD coaches’ gathering is pure fun. Think about it: it’s mostly ADDers who’ve crushed their own ADHD enough to be able to help others crush theirs. People who are seekers and sharers of ADD-crushing wisdom. People united by one mission: help other people. Not to mention, a crapload of left-handed people!! That’s a great recipe.

It Ended Over a Week Ago, But It’s Sticking With Me

In closing this series of dispatches from the ADHD Coaches conference, I have to tip my hat to the attendees for welcoming me so warmly and embracing the ADD Crusher™ concept. With special thanks to Laurie Dupar (coachingforadhd.com) for inviting me in the first place. If you ever need a reminder that ADHD is in many ways a gift, stop by an ADHD coach conference – a lot of gifted, fun, cool people who want nothing more than to help other ADDers. Makes for a great cocktail hour also, by the way.


P.S.  If you haven’t yet heard of www.CrusherTV.com, I hope you’ll check it out. Each Monday night at 10pm we “air” another episode chock full of useful productivity tips and “brain hacks”, and our Guest Experts provide more great ideas. Tons of other benefits for members, including free group coaching sessions. Hope to “see” you there!  – Team Crusher


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Stop Making Your Adult ADHD Worse

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