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How to Find the Right ADHD Coach for You

Following on last month’s Crusher blog on the benefits of ADHD coaching, figured a good next step was to drill down a bit into just how to pick the right coach or coaching program for YOU. After all, there are said to be some 1,000 ADHD coaches in the US and Canada alone, any of whom could potentially work with you locally or remotely. (I was with a whole bunch of the top coaches on the planet last week at the ACO conference where I presented some coaching best practices that I call “Practical Zen Brain Hacks” — more on those powerful alternative ADHD solutions soon.)

Remind Me. Why Is ADHD Coaching a Good Idea?

If you’re serious about pursuing alternative strategies to crush your ADD so that it’s no longer running your life; if you really want to better understand the behaviors that have held you back; if you want to be more effective at work or school or parenting or just in everyday life…then an ADHD coach is worth at least looking into.

Ultimately, the right coach can:

  1. Help you create positive new habits
  2. Help you discover various paths toward success, and…
  3. Be there as an accountability buddy


OK, I’m Curious. What’s Next?

Do some searching for qualified ADD coaches online. There are a bunch of directories to be found with a simple search for, um, ‘ADHD coach directory’. But the shortcut is to look to trusted organizations like…

ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy)
ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization)
ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association)

Check out all of them. Also, check out these Crusher-recommended coaches. They’re great coaches from many states across the country – but remember that coaches can work with you from anywhere on the planet.

Scour a couple of these directories to get a sense of the range of offerings. You’ll find some coaches specialize – for instance, in students, or teens, or parents/families, or executives, etc. Of course make note of their credentials, as some are more seasoned than others (although a newly minted coach could end up being perfect for you, so don’t let that be the only criterion). Then identify a few that “speak to you” – you like their tone, approach, etc.

OK, I’m Ready to “Interview” a Few

Once you’ve identified a handful you think you might like, give them a call or shoot an email with some questions, like…

  • What’s your relationship to ADHD and what got you into coaching?
  • How many clients do you currently work with?
  • How will we work together (e.g., frequency and method of sessions)?
  • How will we define progress or success?
  • What is your overall coaching philosophy?

Don’t make a commitment right then and there – make sure you’ve spoken to all of your short-listers, then marinate on it for a day or two. As you do, consider the pricing for each coach in the context of the comfort- and confidence-level you have after your ‘interviews’. This is important, because you don’t want to nickel-and-dime such an important decision. The results you get from the right coaching relationship will easily outweigh the dollar costs of the sessions.

Indeed, a great coaching relationship can help you grow, mitigate miseries and even develop your ADHD gifts. Make it happen — take action if you’re so inclined!


P.S. — If the timing or funding isn’t in place for a coach right now, consider a “virtual coach” like ADD Crusher™ Videos and Tools — they’re endorsed by the top coaches around the world and many use our tools in their coaching practice. I kid you not. -ab

P.P.S.  If you haven’t yet heard of www.CrusherTV.com, I hope you’ll check it out. It’s a library of over 100 videos teaching hacks and strategies that “unleash the power of your unique brain” to beat procrastination, get prioritized and take control of your time. Tons of other benefits for members, including free group coaching sessions. Hope to “see” you there! ab

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Thanks Ariel!! Fixed!!!!

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