…By Quieting It Down

It’s easier than you think. And you needn’t sit on a bed of nails to do it.


 FACT: Most of our thoughts are “mental BS”…and they’re exhausting us!

Ask Your Mind a Few Questions

Q: What percentage of your mind’s content is BS. (A: Lots.)

Q: How much mental energy are YOU giving away to mental BS? (A: Lots.)

Q: What is the nature of all that BS? (A: Keep reading.)


Q: How do you shut OFF some of that BS? (A: Keep reading!)

I know how most people feel the moment they hear about the benefits of….I’m afraid to even say it……meditation.

“Ya, ya, I know, I ‘m sure there are great benefits but please, I don’t have time, there’s no way I’m gonna learn it…I’m not the kinda guy/gal that does that stuff…”

The Mainstreaming of Mindfulness

I totally get that. But at the same time, I realize it’s true that many in the Crusher Community do get it (it’s a simple-yet-powerful natural ADD remedy!), and the concept at least of mindfulness is becoming very mainstreamed.

  • Legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson (eleven NBA championships with the L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls) has used meditation and considers it part of his success as a coach.
  • The NFL’s Seattle Seahawks as a TEAM are deep into mindfulness practices thanks to their mindful coach, Pete Carroll.
  • Dan Harris, the ABC News anchor, reversed years of addiction that culminated in an live-on-air panic attack and published a bestseller about mindfulness and meditation called 10% Happier.

But whether or not you might be ready to try a simple form of meditation, just hear me out…

The Nature of Mental BS

Most of our thoughts are churning on autopilot…and when on autopilot we are mostly churning on three things…Worries about the past…Worries about the future…Petty judgments of this and that.

If you don’t believe me, just listen for half an hour or so. And don’t feel bad – we all do it. But it is exhausting, whether you realize it or not. (Refer to FACT, above.) And it contributes to the classic ADDer cycle of stress and feeling of overwhelm.

But we have the power to stop it any time, just about any where. And this action step from ADD Crusher™ Video I (Way 3) shows you how to do the very simplest and quickest way to “shut-up-a-you-mind”. Even if you’ve seen this clip before, give it a fresh watch. And try it out…

Here’s the Action Step from Way 3: Shut-Up-A-You-Mind


We have the opportunity to take mindfulness and strip away the woo-woo and the bed of nails and the unclipped toenails. To be Buddhist Zen monks with a Serta Posturpedic and a mani-pedi!

Just quiet your mind…for even 20 seconds…and you can power it up!



P.S. The overall topic of “mental BS” was the subject of Episode 11 on CrusherTV. If you like this stuff, you might like CrusherTV, where we crush productivity issues with simple-yet-powerful “brain hacks” every week. www.CrusherTV.com

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