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The Most Overlooked Barrier to Focus and Powerful Intention


For 90% of our waking hours, we are typically overlooking the opportunity to choose our thoughts. We are not paying attention to our “inner dialogue”, and therefore letting it play us like a fiddle.

That was the short answer I gave Shell Mendelson, one of our ADD Crusher™ affiliate coaches and an authority on focus and intention, who recently asked my thoughts on the question: “What is the barrier to focus and powerful intention that most people overlook?” I didn’t have to think long on that one.

Even the more emotionally intelligent among us spend way too much time on mental “autopilot” – allowing our pre-determined beliefs and pre-wired responses to run the show. Which results in:

…making less-than-ideal choices in response to external stimuli…

  • We’re not thinking before doing – which gets our keys locked in the car or a child left at the soccer game.
  • We’re not thinking before responding to people – which can often offend or miscommunicate.
  • We’re not thinking through tricky problems as thoroughly.

…stifling creativity…

  • We’re not accessing the “higher functions” of our creative mind.
  • We’re not letting new, sometimes unrelated-yet-synergistic thoughts filter in.

…clouding our brain with exhausting, irrelevant – even harmful – thoughts.

  • We’re spending time senselessly worrying about the past.
  • We’re nervously and needlessly anticipating future scenarios that are not even likely to occur.
  • We’re judging people, things and ideas (including ourselves).

Making things even worse is that this unchecked “mental BS”, as I call it, increases our level of stress (cortisol), reduces oxygen supply to the brain, and generally drags down our entire physical being…and overall wellbeing.

If, on the other hand, you could be in the habit of reminding yourself to pause and be “in the now” at various times over the course of the day, you’d be less stressed, have more mental focus and physical energy, and be just…plain…happier.


But how? I have a bunch of tricks that work well for me. For instance…

  • Cause the Pause: Whenever I enter or exit something – a doorway, my truck, a conversation, a website – I use that entrance/exit as an external cue to pause and think before proceeding. (See my blog on this.)
  • Cue Good Thoughts: I have posted in my living and work spaces simple reminders, such as a stickie at my desk that reads, “Acceptance. Enjoyment. Enthusiasm.” – meaning that if I’m not in one of those three states…I’m not being present.
  • Quiet = Power: I do mini-meditations I call “Shut-Up-a-You-Mind” – a few seconds or minutes just…quieting…my…mind…before entering into a demanding task or conversation.

I’ve got a million more of these, but those are a few biggies. I hope you’ll try one or two, because if you can…be…here…now…

…you can break down a major adult ADHD barrier to focus and powerful intention.

…aaaaaand CRUSH!


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By Steve - 27 September 2014 Reply

I like short but powerful!

By ADD Crusher - 29 September 2014 Reply

Agreed — less is more!! Tx Steve.

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