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Are you ready to conquer these?


You can’t get started on things – and have terrible follow-through on things you’ve started.

“My life is a never-ending series of open browser windows.” – R.L.


You’re in a constant state of overwhelm. Not getting ‘traction’ on things, resulting in long (and multiple) to-do lists.

“Everywhere I look in my home I see something I need to do.” – S.T.

time management

No matter how you try to plan, you never enough time – and you’re putting things off til the last minute.

“Even with all the time in the world, I still can’t get my sh*t together.” – J.K.


You’ve tried books, webinars – maybe even some coaching. But nothing seems to make a big enough difference.

“The world is just one big friggin’ to-do. It never ends.” – M.J.

I’ve been there...

That’s why I created ADD Crusher™


ADD Crusher™ is ADHD-friendly, interactive, entertaining, ‘virtual coach’ instruction that beats the crap out of reading a book.

 “If you can tie your shoe, you can change your life with the Crusher™ approach.”

- Kim M. Mydosh, Psychiatric Clinician

What You Get

The program teaches 10 simple strategies (Ways) to crush your ADHD frustrations and includes:

100% digital for anytime/anywhere learning on any device.

reg. $119.80 - save 20%

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There’s a lot of BS out there about herbal remedies, miracle foods, etc. I like science. And I share the best ways to feed your brain with simple shifts in your diet-sleep-exercise regimen that get quick results. Includes an ADHD-friendly diet shopping list.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement”, as Napoleon Hill put it. As ADD Crusher™ puts it, “Without desire, nothing happens. Without a burning desire, nothing BIG happens” – and Way 2 shows how crafting your Nagging Desired (EZ worksheet included) helps you fire up the brain function required for sustained motivation.

As an ADHDer, you probably wish you had more mental energy to power through your tough tasks – and even some of the “easy” ones. Way 3 teaches you how to power up your mind by quieting it down. (I call it, “Shut-up-a-you-mind!”) Includes an incredibly easy way to get the benefits of meditating without joining a monastery.

If there’s one thing we ADHDers never have enough of, it’s time. So if there’s one thing we should never be wasting, it’s…time. Way 4 presents three strategies for crushing time down to size – and getting more done every single day. Handy checklist of time hacks, too.

We ADHDers are notorious for losing and forgetting things, in part due to our lousy working memory. But there’s a natural remedy that’s already built into our ADDer brain: Our visual-spatial learning style holds the key. Because “seeing is remembering.”

We ADHD adults are amazing at creating more work for ourselves. And terrible at simplifying our lives. So we must ”consolidate, automate and delegate” – and Way 6 shows why these are hard for us, and how to make them easy. How great would it be to simply have LESS TO DO every day?

Procrastination. One word that is universally understood and lamented among ADHD adults. It’s in many ways the bane of our existence. But skip trying to read a book about it. In five minutes, you’ll learn 3 key reasons we procrastinate, and 3 no-BS ADHD remedies for each.

In Way 7, we slayed the barriers that result in procrastination. But even when we get busy with a task, we are notorious for getting sidetracked — and so we never seem to finish anything. Way 8 gives ADHD adults the killer brain hack to stay on task so there’ll be a lot less undone stuff left to haunt you.

We adults suffering from ADHD symptoms are notorious for focusing on our failures and overlooking our successes. It’s detrimental to our progress toward our goals in life. And it’s also ridiculously illogical. Way 9 gives you the fresh perspective and the tools needed to “score your successes,” including a handy scorecard.

Our condition results in our being labeled negatively by others — stupid, lazy, crazy, and worse. But WE are the only ones qualified to label ourselves, and if we don’t pick the right label, we’re leaving it to those other people. Way 10 gives you a new way to view yourself, your adult ADD, and your future potential – in the context of one of our superpowers: Lateral Thinking.

Why ADD Crusher™ Will Work for YOU

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Designed for the ADHD Brain

This is ADD-friendly, entertaining, interactive instruction delivered anytime, anywhere on any device. No reading. No homework. Just simple, learn-it-today-do-it-tomorrow strategies that work.

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Step-By-Step Virtual Coaching

It’s as close to having your own ADHD coach as you can get…without hiring one. You’ll be guided step by step through the strategies by internationally recognized ADHD coach Alan P. Brown.

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Amazing Value

A single session with an ADHD coach can be upwards of $200. With this award-winning program, you get a range of tools designed by a top internationally recognized ADHD coach.

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100% Money Back GUARANTEE

Try it risk-free. Follow the program (using Videos, Audio Companions and Toolkits) for 30 days and if no results, get a full refund, no questions asked. (See Terms of Use.)

Recommended by Top Coaches and Clinicians

ADD Crusher™ has been endorsed by hundreds of coaches around the world. In fact, many coaches use the program in their group coaching and support groups.

chadd innovative program award winner
number 1 virutual coach program for adhd teens and adults
Rudy Rodriguez

“ADD Crusher is fantastic. I use the videos in my ADHD groups. They’re informative, dynamic and put the coach right in your own living room.”

Rudy Rodriguez, ADHD Center for Success

David Giwerc

“There are not many tools I endorse. I highly recommend this.”

David Giwerc President, ADD Coach Academy

You’re in Good Company

ADD Crusher™ has helped people at these Fortune 500 companies

wells fargo
general electric
blue cross blue shield
cvs pharmacy

Start thriving with ADD Crusher™ today!

reg. $119.80 - save 20%

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