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Resolutions – Don’t Even Bother

Each year, about half of us make New Year’s resolutions. Then, over 90% of them fail.

So how ‘bout this: don’t @#$%! bother.


I have a better suggestion: New Year’s solutions.

Let’s first understand WHY resolutions have such a hellacious failure rate. Here are the biggies…

They’re unrealistic. We too often stab at admirable but longshot goals – work out 7x a week…do a triathlon (never having done a 5K)…become a gazillionaire. Just setting ourselves up for failure.

They lack a powerful underlying motivation. Which is more powerful motivation-wise… Losing 10 pounds to fit into a dress? Or losing 10 pounds to avoid becoming diabetic? Never use vanity or guilt as a goal’s underpinning. They just don’t work as well as the deeper-digging stuff. TWEET THIS

They’re too vague. “Get in shape” vs “Lose five pounds by January 31”. “Get better grades” vs “Get a B+ or better in my dreaded chemistry class.” You get the idea.

There’s no plan of action. We get such satisfaction from writing down our resolutions. Hey! Feels like things are getting better already!! Booop. But goals have meaning only when action has begun. And that requires a plan – which is a New Year’s Day inconvenience (especially if our goal is unrealistic or inauthentic or vague).

So, what if we were to just say, “SCREW New Year’s resolutions!” — and seek instead…New Year’s SOLUTIONS?

What I mean is, setting ourselves up for success by focusing on simplicity over grandiosity, the abundance of blessings instead of the absence of what we desire, and leveraging what makes us happy. This approach uses 5 simple steps to seeing some attainable ADHD solutions for the coming year…

Step 1: Tally Your Victories

Before even contemplating the things in your life that need improvement, get your head around the things that DON’T – or at least the things that you’ve done well this past year. List at least five. (And as you’re thinking about how things went, say, at your job, in which you actually took a pay cut or were passed over for a promotion – don’t dwell on such setbacks. Everyone will have had setbacks and frustrations in the past year. But that is NOT what this exercise is about. Now, write that list!)

Step 2: Gratitude Prayer

Resolutions are prayers for things we don’t now have. Sort of disempowering, ironically, no? Gratitude is empowering. And all you have to do is think about what you’re blessed to have right now.

Now you’re in an abundance mindset. A little different from tallying all your wants, needs and shortcomings to determine your resolutions, yes? OK…

Step 3: Find One Thing You LIKE and Do More of It

As you look back at the last 12 months (or 12 years, for that matter), what are the things you enjoyed most? Ideally, you’ll identify constructive things you did for the first time, or in a new way. Write down 3-5 things. Then pick the ONE you can take action on to have it be a bigger part of your life.


Step 4: Find Something You Despise and Do LESS of It

Cutting out Cherry Garcia® ain’t easy cuz you LOVE IT. But there are things you DON’T like that you’re nonetheless still doing — and can work to reduce. You don’t like being late. You don’t like opening the door to that crazy-messy closet. List 3-5 things you really despise but seem doomed to repeat or tolerate. Then pick ONE to focus on crushing.

Step 5: Make a $@#%! Plan

Make-A-Plan-Kid-ADHDWhy do I say pick just one of each of the above? Cuz another big reason for the resolution fail-athon is listing too many. With just two solutions to pursue, you can find the time and wits to map out how you’ll go about making each happen. (Start by creating a calendar entry to think about or work on each. Do that NOW.)



Don’t contribute to the resolvers’ 90% fail rate! Work these 5 simple steps starting right NOW and you’ll have a 90% shot at some real solutions.

Abundant blessings to all…


Founder of Crusher Solutions, LLC (I kid you not)

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8 Responses to “Resolutions – Don’t Even Bother”

By Irish Queen - 2 February 2015 Reply

A little behind times in reading this, but I find this a wonderful way to approach the new year! I was never one for resolutions, except as a kid, for I always sunk in the ocean by mid-January! Argh…..
However, I believe it’s all in our approach, and a different way of looking at something that creates the magic of success. People have been telling me over and over # 3 & # 4. Now, seeing it in print, it makes more sense, even tho’ I could acknowledge the wisdom when the suggestions were made. Just couldn’t see how the execution would work. Once again, thanks for your terrific tips!! Makes my day a little easier.

By ADD Crusher - 3 February 2015 Reply

Thanks Irish Queen — #3 and #4 are so overlooked, I think, because they’re the simplest — so simple they’re not obvious. Hope you can make them both a ritual whenever you’re planning or goal-setting…Alan

By Judy MacNamee - 6 January 2015 Reply

I love that “gratitude is empowering!” I often make my NY’s resolution NOT to make any resolutions…then I don’t get caught in the web of desire! These tips are simple, awesome, and inspiring! Judy

By ADD Crusher - 7 January 2015 Reply

Thanks Judy — my gratitude today is directed at YOU!!

By Andrea Nordstrom - 5 January 2015 Reply

Love number one! I think any time we decide to get started on a new endeavour, we should tally all our previous victories. Its too easy to think about what we need to do and in the process forget all about everything we have already done. Awesome post Crusher – Happy New Year to ya!

By ADD Crusher - 7 January 2015 Reply

Thanks Andrea. Wishing you a New Year with lots of Gifts!!

By ADD Crusher - 31 December 2014 Reply

Thanks Jackie — you can put me in the same sentence with Rick Green any time you like. Just don’t put me in the same ROOM with him because things get too silly….Alan

By jackie - 31 December 2014 Reply

You and Rick Green, my two New Years Super Heroes!!

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