ADD Crusher™ Video I – Ways 1-5 w/ Audio Companion


Video I teaches easy-to-implement strategies to gain focus and mental stamina, stay motivated, have peace of mind, stop losing things, and more. The Audio Companion reinforces learning on-the-go, and provides bonus material not in the Video. Learn more and preview Video I below…

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About ADD Crusher™ Video I: Ways 1-5

Powerful ADD-crushing strategies that take just 5 minutes to learn and 5 minutes a day to turn into life-changing habits. In Video I you’ll learn:

  • Simple lifestyle changes with immediate results
  • A source of motivation that won’t wear off in a week
  • Techniques to power up your mind by quieting it down
  • How to slow down the clock, stop losing and forgetting things — and escape the overwhelm

Crusher™ Videos are ADD-friendly, interactive, entertaining, in-your-face instruction that beats the crap out of reading a book. If you can tie your shoe you can change your life with the Crusher™ approach. Results are GUARANTEED. Period.

About the ADD Crusher™ Audio Companion to Video I

ADD Crusher Audio Companion 1

•Full hour of content for on-the-go reinforcement
•Bonus material not found in Video I
•Candy for your ears, spinach for your brain

[tw_accordion][tw_accordion_item item_title=”Way 1 – Feed Your Brain” item_animation=”none” item_animation_offset=”” color=”#6B415F” item_expand=”false”]You can do a LOT of adult ADD-crushing just by understanding the impact of diet, exercise and sleep. There’s a lot of BS out there about herbal remedies, miracle foods, etc. There ain’t no miracles. But there ARE things you can eat, do and avoid to reap immediate and substantial results. Way 1 provides an ADD diet checklist to set a powerful foundation.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title=”Way 2 – Nagging Desire” item_animation=”none” item_animation_offset=”” color=”#6B415F” item_expand=”false”]Desire is the starting point of all achievement, as Napoleon Hill put it. As ADD Crusher puts it, “Without desire, nothing happens.” Without a burning desire, nothing BIG happens and this strategy gives ADD adults who are weak in the brain function required for sustained motivation and the power to stay motivated.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title=”Way 3 – Shut-Up-A-You-Mind” item_animation=”none” item_animation_offset=”” color=”#6B415F” item_expand=”false”]As an ADDer, you probably often feel like your brain’s running on empty and you wish you had more mental energy to power through your tough tasks and even some of the “easy” ones. Way 3 teaches you how to conserve mental energy and keep that fuel tank full and ready to CRUSH.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title=”Way 4 – Crush Time Down To Size” item_animation=”none” item_animation_offset=”” color=”#6B415F” item_expand=”false”]We adults with ADD fear the clock. We NEVER have enough time to do what needs doing. We fantasize about being able to STOP THAT #$@%! CLOCK, even if just for a while. Sadly, you can’t stop time. But Way 4 presents three strategies for crushing time down to size and crushing your ADHD symptoms.[/tw_accordion_item][tw_accordion_item item_title=”Way 5 – Seeing Is Remembering” item_animation=”none” item_animation_offset=”” color=”#6B415F” item_expand=”false”]ADDers are notorious for losing and forgetting. How many times have you lost your keys? Cellphone? Umbrella? Mind? But there’s a natural remedy and it’s already IN YOUR ADDer BRAIN! Our visual-spatial learning style holds the key to remembering and keeping sane.[/tw_accordion_item][/tw_accordion]