Creativity and problem-solving have a path, or window, into and out of your brain. That window is quietness of the mind. Hmmmm. Sound impossible for our ADHD tribe? It’s not.

Mental fatigue is caused far less by work than by worry, frustration and resentment, as Napoleon Hill once said. And creativity and problem-solving are locked out when the mind spins – especially on negatives. Today, Crusher outlines the benefits of what happens when you…Shut-up-a-you-mind.

Realities of the Noisy ADHD Brain

Here’s a fact: 90% of the chatter running through your brain – your thoughts – is useless BS. Seriously. If you stop and have an objective listen, you’ll find that your mind churns with fatiguing, often ego-based blather providing no value, no solutions. This recognition alone is a huge ADD crusher.

We waste most mental energy judging people and things. Even the seemingly innocuous kind – “Ick, those shoes!” “Geez that guy’s disproportionate.” “I’m prettier than her, right?” When you hear a judgment, shut it off. Make that a habit and you’ll free up gads of mental energy. A mind above judgment is an overwhelm-crusher.


Shut It Up to Power It Up

Question: Which is easier – doing 30 push-ups at once, or doing 20, resting for, oh, 30 seconds, and then the final 10? It’s a no-brainer, right? Just that little break allows you to do 50% more push-ups with relative ease. And your mind works just like your muscles.

If you could quiet your mind for just 30 seconds – better yet, a minute or two — you’d feel reinvigorated, better able to take on a tough task. It’s like resting your brain muscle before lifting the mental weight again. And it’s easier than you think…

A Simple Form of Meditation as Natural ADHD Remedy

A tranquil mind brings great power and focus. And a key is MEDITATION. No, not the kind where you moan, “auuummmmm” with a shaved head and unclipped toenails. Meditation in the sense of identifying mental BS – as described earlier — as it enters your mind, gently brushing it aside…and replacing it with some mental quietness. Indeed, tough tasks become candy when quiet focus is ours. Using this simplest version of meditation is a powerful natural ADHD remedy. And the benefits will quickly accrue if you can practice it enough to make it a habit:

  • More focus when you need it.
  • More creativity and better problem-solving abilities.
  • Reduced stress and frustration (they disappear when your mind is quiet!).
  • More mental energy on-demand, as well as overall stamina.

Give it a try. Here’s a video snippet from ADD Crusher™ Video I, Way 3. A future blog will share some more meditation tips and benefits. But you have to first promise that you’ll…Shut-up-a-you-mind!!

Yours in Mental Quietness,


P.S.: Want to know how to beat more than just mental noise? Tricks to beat procrastination? How to get prioritized and manage your time? Have you heard about my award-winning video/audio program ADD Crusher™? Learn more HERE.

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