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When it comes to adult ADHD alternative solutions and info on the Internet, there’s a lot of crap — BS, frankly — out there. These ADHD coaches and partners are Crusher™ approved — listed by state/province/country alphabetically…

CA   Laurie Dupar, PMHNP RN PCC CPCC
This dynamic woman has done so much to benefit so many others. A star ADHD coach, business coach, entrepreneur, author, mentor, and all-around fabulous human being. Oh, and she’s got a bunch of titles, too: PMHNP, RN, PCC, CPCC, and others. When you’re ready to fly, contact

CA   Leslie Gunterson, MA CPC NLPi
Part teacher, part coach, and part “kick-ass Karate Sensei with enough empathy to partner with you in creating life on your terms,” Leslie is 100% committed to you living your purpose and being what she calls an Everyday RockStar, helping you achieve “RockStar Focus”. Contact her at

CA   Focus For Effectiveness
Roxanne Fouché and Sarah D. Wright have over 40 years of combined experience in helping people whose lives are touched by ADHD. They coach anyone over 20, on the phone or in person, to close the gaps between intention, action, achievement, and success. Contact

CA   Regina Lark
Regina is a trained Organizer Coach, combining traditional coaching with hands-on (or Skype) organizing solutions so clients feel empowered to maintain their cleared and organized spaces. Clients can learn better follow-through, strategies for productivity, developing alternate relationships to stuff & space. Coach Regina is your cheerleader and accountability partner for projects to complete and goals to meet. Contact her at

CA   AttentionB | Dr. Billi Bittan
ADHD is a tremendous asset once you learn how to leverage it! Dr. Billi, ADHD Coach and Therapist, supports people of all ages using expressive arts therapy, co-active coaching, and individual strategies. Turn ADHD challenges into ADHD Assets. Learn how to Leverage Your ADHD™ today! Contact Dr.Billi at

CO   Kay Axtell, MA SCAC
Kay is a certified ADHD Life Coach with nearly a decade of coaching experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and has a unique understanding of the gifts and challenges of ADHD. She supports the creation of strategic plans for success at school, at work and in life.

CO   Andrea Meier, EdM., Ph.D., PCC
Flourish! Personal Coaching services help empower adults to achieve their potential. Is your progress on your wellness, education, or professional goals slowed by distractibility? Discover how individualized, evidence-based, holistic ADD coaching can help you break through to a more rewarding life. Be more energized, focused, confident—and productive!

CT   Kim Pereira, Ed.D., CALC, ACC
Dr. Kim Pereira is a Certified ADHD Coach offering virtual one-on-one and group coaching for Adults with ADHD and Parents of Children with ADHD. As an ADHD Coach, Kim listens without judgment and guides you to develop strategies and workarounds that actually work for the unique ADHD brain. Reach her at

FL   Milestones in the Making
School psychology & intervention practice working with children, adolescents & families. Mother/daughter team Lisa and Brianna Schiavoni provides children, teens & young adults with the skills necessary for social, emotional & academic success. Outstanding and caring. Contact

GA   ImpactParents
Diane Dempster & Elaine Taylor-Klaus have a great resource with 3 levels of coaching: Online, where parents interact on Forums & Blogs hosted by certified coaches; Group, weekly with each other & their coach; and One on One, on a personalized basis. They are awesome people! Contact

IL   Carlene Bauwens
About-FACE Life Coaching for ADHD was founded by Carlene — an ADHD Parent, Certified Mental Health First Aid Responder and ADHD Life Coach. She specializes in social skills, time management, and organization. Strength-based coaching to parents, students, and adults is offered through Individual, Group and Virtual Coaching Programs. Contact Carlene at

IL   Dale Davison, MEd., PCC, BCC
I love coaching! It’s great to have meaningful conversations that lead to positive behavioral changes. It takes courage and capacity to act on your choices. Coaching conversations focus on empowering you to make choices on what you value most. You have the assets you need within you. Contact Dale at

KS   Dr. Wes Crenshaw
Family Psychological Services is the premier provider in the greater Kansas City metro of reliable evaluation and therapy services for children, teens, adults and families with ADHD. Dr. Wes Crenshaw is often featured in print, on radio, and on TV discussing ADHD, parenting, sexuality, and relationships. Learn more at

MA   Tara McGillicuddy
A one-woman symphony orchestra is one way to describe Tara. She is an ADHD coach and consultant, but has created or is closely involved with a remarkable family of ADHD-related resources, a list of which wouldn’t come close to fitting in this space. Google her, you’ll see. Or contact her at

MD   Liz Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC
This experienced ADHD coach supports college students, young adults, and adults with individualized plans building on strengths, addressing challenges, and leading to success in achieving goals. Special interests: gifted/ highly gifted individuals; evidence-based approaches; and mindfulness. In-person, phone or Skype. Also offering mindfulness classes for ADHD by convenient teleconference!

NL   Martina Schneider
UP Coaching helps you get your life back on track and achieve your goals. Specializing in ADD/ADHD, highly gifted and highly sensitive (HSP) adults, ASD and more, UP Coaching will help you gain powerful insights into yourself – to understand your own “user manual” better – and open up powerful new possibilities. Dutch and English. Contact Martina at

NL   Joop Stroes
Empathie Plus was founded by Joop, a certified ADHD coach and experience-based expert. As an adult with ADD with two ADHD sons, he focuses on the strengths and qualities of ADHD to improve your self-esteem. From there he works on the challenges ADHD can bring. Dutch and English. Contact Joop at

NY   Dr. Ira Bergman
New York City-based ADHD expert is my ADD guy. Board Certified Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist, also works with adults of all ages. For medical consultation, reach out via contact info found at

NY   Jennie Friedman, ACG
Jennie created See in ADHD to help promote ADHD awareness and decrease the associated stigma. A professional ADHD Coach, she specializes in helping people share their passions with the world. She puts her 20+ years of business development and marketing expertise to work in an ADHD-friendly way, expanding your opportunities for income and connectivity.

NY   Jennifer Daily, LCSW
For over 15 years Jen’s been working with ADHD, Aspergers, Learning Differences, and Executive Dysfunction. A true specialist in these areas, she boasts a unique combo as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a highly trained coach. Wherever you are on life’s journey, contact

NY   Susan Lasky, MA, BCC, SCAC
Overcome overwhelm with strategies that work with the way YOU think! A master ADHD and productivity coach, professional organizer and ADDult, Susan’s been helping clients get out of their own way and get things done for 25 years. Take charge of your time, priorities, projects, space and stuff, to live a life you love!

NC   Ann Miller, BSN MBA
ADD2Success Coaching’s Ann Miller helps high school and college students overcome the challenges of ADHD and reach their peak academic success while showing parents how to best support them. In the Reach the Peak coaching program, students learn skills to do well in school and life, bringing families closer together.

NC   Rudy Rodriquez, LCSW
At the ADHD Center for Success, coach, psychotherapist, and diagnosed ADHD adult, CoachRudy has been working with ADHD since 1981. He’s passionate about helping his clients create breakthroughs and successful experiences. His ADHD Clinic serves teens to adults and offers telephone coaching, ADHD groups, workshops and seminars.

OH   Judy MacNamee
Judy established ADHD CoachConnect based on her passion for aiding teens struggling with ADHD and related disabilities. Their mission is to increase awareness and understanding of ADHD while partnering with college-bound students to help them uncover their gifts, beliefs, and strengths, and manifest them in their own successes.

ON   Diane Délina
After years of struggling, Diane discovered she and three of her four children had ADHD. Ten years later, she is thriving as an ADHD counselor/coach, raising awareness of and providing coaching to individuals and small groups of all ages, and advocating on behalf of her clients. Diane says, “Je parle FRANÇAIS!” and to contact her at

OR   Dana Rayburn
Dana is the coach to call if ADHD is hammering the productivity and profits of your business. For 16 years Dana has combined her experience and coach training to help business owners and professionals manage time and get organized so they reach their goals instead of just thinking about them. Contact Dana at

PA   Beth Main, CAC
Her practice, ADHD Solutions, provides coaching for adults, kids, and families via phone and Skype. Helping clients overcome attention-related challenges and achieve their goals, whether they’re professional, academic, or personal. Also has a very good newsletter worth subscribing to. Contact

RI   Emily J. Volden, MSW LICSW
Through integrative psychotherapy, solution-focused coaching, and educational offerings, Emily mindfully inspires and empowers individuals, couples, and organizations impacted by ADHD to realize effective solutions to life’s challenges and stimulate positive transformation. To explore the impact Emily and her ADHD Aptitude programs can have on your life, contact her at

RI   Dr. Pamela S. Shervanick, DO
A board-certified psychiatrist specializing in adult ADHD, Dr. Shervanick uses a strengths-based approach to help people re-frame their view of the brain and teach them how to thrive. Her Integrative Psychiatry model combines functional medicine and nutritional biochemistry to enhance ADHD gifts and eradicate the “dysfunction”.

SC   Ally Martin, MS
It doesn’t have to be this hard! Ally knows what it’s like to struggle with ADHD, and she knows what it’s like to raise an ADHD child. Learn how to manage your time, get organized, and overcome ADHD-related obstacles so you can reach your goals and unlock your full potential. Contact her at

TX   Shell Mendelson, MS
At Your Passion to Career, Shell offers essential career direction for ADD/ADHD adults and young adults. She offers an inside-out approach in the style of her mentor, Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute? Her experience in career counseling and coaching spans over 20 years. Contact her at

UK   Mavis Nyakunengwa
Founder of Stepwise Solutions, Mavis is a nurse practitioner and ADHD/ASD coach offering services to those with ADHD and ASD as well as those affected by ADHD/ASD. Working across different age groups and providing individual as well as group sessions, she serves Greater London and beyond — face to face, Skype or FaceTime. Contact her at

WA   Amy Voros, CPC
Amy of Creative Catapult Coaching works with divergent thinkers to identify where your actions fit your goals and values. She shifts perspectives to open new possibilities and map a customized path with ongoing support to get you there. She’s an ICF-certified coach who’s worked with dozens of smart, zany, entrepreneurial, ADHD,  and creative people just like…her!

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