Crusher believes that ADHD is best crushed with a range of treatments and solutions – which can be medication(s), alternative ADHD treatmentsnatural remedies, diet and lifestyle changes, ADHD coaching, mindfulness, neurotherapy, etc., or some combination of all of these. If there is one thing I’ve learned battling this condition for the past 13 years, there is no one best alternative ADHD treatment for all.

In trying to get smarter on the whole megillah and perhaps learn of some emerging new adult ADHD treatment options, I listened to two archived Attention Talk Radio interviews with Dr. Russell Ramsay, a prominent psychologist at UPenn. While he and interviewer Jeff Copper covered the gamut of treatment options, one theme kept popping up in my ADHD brain: the power of AWARENESS – and the realization that if you did nothing but improve your awareness of various realities, you’d be into at least 3rd gear in your crush-mobile.

ADHD Treatment STARTS with Correct Diagnosis

It occurred to me that the first thing that happens on the road to effective ADHD treatment is the not-so-bitty bit of awareness – that you have ADHD! What a life-changer THAT is, huh? Although, according to Ramsay, an often-overlooked issue is CORRECT diagnosis. Often, mis-diagnosis of ADHD stems from the patient instead (or also) suffering from panic attacks, depression, a life situation or additional condition that complicates the matter. “All that glitters is not gold – and all that’s inattentive is not ADHD,” as he says.

The Most Underestimated Alternative ADHD Treatment is AWARENESS

Beyond this big one, there are scores of additional areas of awareness that can power you forward. And as I thought of the range of these, it occurred to me that basic self-awareness plus a dash of knowledge could be the single most underestimated form of ADHD treatment for us adults with ADHD. Let’s dig in…

  • Start with awareness of ADHD’s inner workings, its nature, co-morbidities, etc. The more you understand it, but more you can crush it.
  • Awareness of the options available to you in terms of treatment and resources. There are countless!
  • Awareness of what you’re lousy at and what you’re good at. (Check out the ATR interview with Wilma Fellman, which I recently blogged about.)
  • Awareness of why you did what you did in your past (see my recent interview on Attention Talk Radio). There are great lessons to be had from even the darkest ADHD past.

Now, this modest blog post can’t possibly TEACH all the facets of awareness, but I’ll get some more mental wheels turning and further support the commanding importance of awareness as a powerful alternative ADHD treatment with some pointed questions…

  • Are you aware that what you put in your body could be screwing you up? Crusher talks about this in Video I Way 1 – cuz it’s so foundational!! (There’s a preview on YouTube.)
  • Are you aware that the constant, uncontrolled dialogue in your head is NOT a mandatory part of your existence – that you can quiet that thing down in order to power it up? Both Ramsay and Crusher™ videos (Way 3) address this powerful alternative ADHD treatment.
  • How aware are you of the reality of time? Sure, you know you’re always late, always under-estimate the amount of time required to finish something or to get somewhere, etc. But is your awareness at a level that you can compensate for it?
  • Are you keenly aware of the reasons for your procrastination? Having that knowledge can unlock the door to action (as taught in ADD Crusher™ Video II, Way 7).
  • I could go on, but I’m aware that a blog shouldn’t get much beyond 700 words…

But lastly, are you aware of the unlimited possibilities that become available to you when you make the effort – whether alone or with a coach – to gain more understanding about yourself, to form positive habits and to believe in yourself? Ah, there’s your icing in this cake of CRUSH!


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Image: McGarry Bowen

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