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Adult ADD Test

You can find a whole bunch of adult ADD tests simply by doing an Internet search for “adult add test” or “add online test”. But you’re not always going to be guaranteed a reliable test. And reliable means that the questions and the scoring are based on accepted medical guidelines – rather than just some schmuck’s idea of what should constitute the symptoms, let alone what questions to ask.

So be careful which test you take. Ideally, you visit a medical professional with some degree of expertise in ADD/ADHD (like a psychiatrist who treats adults on a regular basis). He or she will have the most up-to-date testing criteria.

But if you just want to get an initial/directional idea of whether you might have ADD or ADHD – and maybe also want to get a sense of its severity – look to the following reliable sites…   

Bottom Line: Just keep in mind that, with all these online tests (or those you might find in a book), none can give you a definitive, proper diagnosis. Only a qualified medical professional can do that.

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