We ADDers are said to possess the “risk-taking gene” – that bit of DNA that makes us chase stimulation beyond what would normally satisfy non-ADDers.

The ADHD Gene

In her book, Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention, author Katherine Ellison tracks her family history back to immigrants who couldn’t help but seek the new – despite many risks along the way – and leave their less hyperactive cousins back in the Old Country. She notes that America in particular has a disproportionate number of people with this let’s-pick-up-and-move-again gene.

ADHD RiskTakingGene

America’s Unique Place in the ADD / ADHD World

We are indeed a nation of immigrants who were A) antsy as hell in their home countries and B) willing to risk all to come to a new continent. Now, I’m not saying that we’re a land of ADDers, but you do have to ask yourself…

  • Why IS America so full of risk-takers?
  • Why ARE we the creators of Jazz and Rock n’ Roll – the two most ADD-infused musical forms that ever were?
  • Why were WE the ones to impulsively venture to the moon?
  • Why do we seem to own so many land speed records? Is it just because we boast the Bonneville Salt Flats? I don’t think so.

For ADDers, Risk Can Bite…and Bestow

It’s in our genes. And this is why I find myself at motorcycle race tracks so often, along with a whole bunch of other ADDers. We love the noise, the speed, the risk – and most of us love it not just from the grandstands, but from the seat of a bike…on the racetrack.

Of course, our risk-taking gene is what gets us into crashes (as my 8-inch titanium plate with seven screws holding my shoulder together will attest) and plenty of other trouble. But next post, I’ll go out on a limb and propose how we ADDers can put that gene to work for us.

Stay Risky, My Friends!


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